How Divorce Coaching Can Support You When You Need It Most

Debra Whitson
3 min readJan 12, 2021

You’ve made the gut-wrenching decision to divorce, but now what? Most of us don’t have any idea where to start. And why would you — divorce was never something you imagined would happen. While a search of Google on “How to get divorced” gives you a mind-blowing 778,000,000 opinions on the subject, that’s not exactly the personalized support you need. That’s where divorce coaching comes in — yes, it’s a thing! Here’s how it can help you navigate your divorce more easily.

The Two Sides of Divorce

We’re not talking about you versus your spouse here, rather we mean the logistical side and the emotional side of divorce. In terms of logistics, you’re working through everything from deciding between mediation or litigation to co-parenting to distribution of assets just to start. Emotionally, there’s telling the kids and helping them through, dealing with your spouse during the divorce and preparing for your future afterwards, not to mention the complexities of your own emotions during this time. It can be completely overwhelming. That’s why support is so crucial and not just from friends and family — although that’s essential too — we mean experienced divorce support that prepares and empowers you during this difficult time.

How Divorce Coaching Can Help

At the end of the day, you want the divorce process to be as smooth as possible and while having the right lawyer as well as opting for mediation can go a long way towards a more amicable split, a divorce coach can help you take on the rest with confidence and certainty by providing:

  • Guidance on what to expect during each part of the process
  • Communication tips and strategies to manage emotions when dealing with your ex
  • Expertise on the implications of options that you’re considering or that are being presented to you
  • Practical and positive negotiation approaches to achieve the outcome you want
  • Tips to co-parent successfully and limit the negative impact of your divorce on the kids
  • Resources and next steps as you look towards a fresh start after divorce

Our Approach to Divorce Coaching

We believe clients are served best by a team with experience in both the logistical and the emotional aspects of divorce. That’s why our team includes a former prosecutor who’s also an experienced mediator and collaborative divorce practitioner, as well as a licensed social worker with over fifty years’ experience working with children, families and couples. It makes us uniquely equipped to help you navigate any challenges you face during your divorce — and give you a positive start to life after!

What’s more our services are 100 percent virtual which adds some welcome comfort and convenience at a time that’s usually anything but — plus being at a distance from your ex can often help keep discussions more productive by reducing conflict!

See how divorce coaching and mediation can help you. Contact the experienced team at Mediated Online Solutions today to learn more.



Debra Whitson

Debra Whitson has been practicing law for more than 20 years, delivering focused solutions guided by compassion and trust.